Bruce Voge

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Besides being a recurring guest on the On Board Games podcast Bruce is the Moderator, Editor and Producer of the Party Gamecast featuring the Party Game Cast (a podcast about party games and games you take to parties) and the host of The Just Barely Sports Podcast with the Minor League Geek.  In this work life Bruce is a DJ, MC, Trivia Host and all around entertainer. 

20 Facts About Bruce:

  • Bruce has taught nearly 1000 people how to play craps.
  • Bruce (along with his wife Rocki) ran the Party Games track at the 2014 CONgress of Gamers
  • Bruce has attended (along with TPGC) the 2013 and 2014 WBC.
  • Bruce (along with Mike) attended Unpub 4 and 5.
  • Bruce (and the rest of the cast, and various outside supporters) raised $1000's for Extra Life to benefit the Johns Hopkins Children's Hospital
  • Bruce has over 100 Minor League Baseball Hats
  • Bruce has over 300 decks of Bicycle Brand playing cards.
  • Bruce breathes air.
  • Bruce has been the PA announcer for over 100 (semi) professional baseball games.
  • Bruce has hosted over 500 Trivia Nights.
  • Bruce is available for your next party, wedding, or corporate gathering.  You can find him at
  • Bruce once knocked pool champion Karen Corr down in an accidental run in, Karen was fine, Bruce still relives the horror of nearly maiming a national treasure.
  • Bruce proposed to his wife Rocki at the Price is Right in Television City, CA.  Bruce almost cried.
  • Bruce is an ugly crier, it's why he and his new fiancee Rocki did not get on TV.
  • Bruce drinks too much coffee.
  • Bruce is a bit of a hipster, though he swears he just likes "interestingly prepared, locally sourced food, vinyl records and wooden eyeglasses".
  • Bruce does not understand why you like Star Wars.
  • Bruce really likes dexterity games.
  • Bruce has appeared on several episodes of On Board Games, was a part of "Gen Can't 2014", contributed the The Dice Tower and will podcast for food.
  • Bruce smells like the warm breezes of the tropics.

As for gaming credentials Bruce is largely a loner, not taken very seriously, and has no idea how he has become an "insider".